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Published December 17, 2014 by ShellH


Pictures of the moon around 1:00-2:00 am in the morning.

These pictures were taken by me and I have more I will get put into a blog. Then I watched the video by Richard who videos for L.A. Marzulli. The video is “TORAH” and in it a man is videoing the exact same things I took pictures of!!! & you can tell something green and something blue are moving in my pictures but in that mans video they ARE moving! I was like Whoa!!!! Check that out!  I had a feeling come over me and just felt like I wondered what I’d get….This is what I got… My 14 year old grandson was blown away! As was I in a way. The video I am trying to post is available on youtube too and Pintrest.         It is “PHILADELPHIA EXPERAMENT REVEALED: FINAL……” 0060eace368083e33720e9979522bec9762ee8a2a0eddee001224afc369d8b171401760_966791570002763_1499436828034094517_o                                                                                                                                                                                                      Is this a really a21a06d323a2566ff461ba321d81ddc22disclosure? You be the judge. Certainly  sounds legit. These people are very deceived if the really believe “the greys” are not malevolent! They are messing with fallen angels and demons along with Nephilim. They want people to be deceived. They have intentionally made it look like people are fools for believing in Yeshua, the Most High God!  That is all part of setting people to fall for the coming great deception….  “ALIENS” are Fallen angels, demons which are the Nephilim offspring of human women and fallen angels. The most supernatural book= Bible does not tell us angels Can’t have children, it says they have no need to…but they can take different forms. Satan tried to prevent the Messiah from ever being born… When Nephilim died they became demons because they are evil, rebellious and an abomination to The Most High… Who is loving, merciful, good and kind. He is not at all the God with a big stick “they have tried to make Him sound like. Is that not just like Satan and the evil men he is able to manipulate?  YES!Philadelphia Experiment Revealed: Final….