Acceleration Radio (WITH LA MARZULLI

Published February 19, 2015 by ShellH

DNA HAS COME BACK AS {NOT HUMAN} FOR THE ELONGATED SKULLS WHICH ARE BELIEVED TO BE NEPHILIM OF THE BIBLE. Keep up with LA’s UPDATES ON The SO CALLED ALIENS which are NEPHILIM, FALLEN ANGELS & THE DEMONS WHICH ARE NEPHILIM WHO DIED AND BECAME THE WANDERING EVIL SPIRITS…They are often following you and followed your family for generations. They are called “familiar spirits” for that reason….they like to play games and pople who are called Psychics are really using a God Given gift for the wrong side…..They are talking to dead family…they are talking to demon familiar spirits!!!!!!!

Anyone who calls on the Name of Jesus Christ SHALL BE SAVED- Salvation is by Faith in Jesus Christ!!!


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