Published December 21, 2014 by ShellH

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Forget what what you have been taught about man made religion, as LA says forget the gobbledy-goop and stained glass windows… the Bible holds the truth.. It HAS BEEN COVERED UP (it being TRUTH). There is PROOF of fallen angels and not “aliens” and satan is still at his nasty old tricks of deception! Use your OWN mind, thoughts, research, Bible, ect… Fallen angels has children with women (the Jewish people know the Bible(Torah) and the books of Enoch and Jasher are true..and they back up Genesis 6 and the whole Bible… OUR HISTORY WAS COVERED UP, LIES WERE TOLD, GIANT SKELETONS< NEWSPAPERS AND BOOKS WERE HIDDEN FROM US! There is an EVIL AGENDA! God’s creation is supernatural because he is!!! So are we but we just aren’t able to use it right now unless gifted to by God, and there are NO ALIENS, JUST FALLEN ANGELS>>> That is why those who take the MARK OF THE BEAST are not redeemable..NOT because God is mean! Jesus- Yeshua, ourn God loves us and is trying to warn us what it causes! Pitures of the Nephilim Skull & skeletons are NOT HUMAN. The were part human & part Fallen Watcher Class Angel. They were taken away by the Smithsonian. Brian Forester is part owner of a museum in Peurto Rico I believe. L.A. Marzulli also excavated a giant skeleton of a Nephilim. He has the “Watchers” series of DVDs. There is an ongoing sighting and abductions that he and other credible people prove. L.A.& Brian have also tested a skull and proved that they are Not Human but a 3rd type of being. I realize many do not read the Bible but it also states that the flood was because of these very evil beings who were also giants much of the time, and “Mighty Men Of Renown” such as Hercules and Goliath. They ate and sacrificed humans. Lucifer is jealous of God’s creation, His children. Lucifer also wanted to stop the birth of the Messiah, who died for you, and me, and all who accept Him as Saviour. You owe it to your self to atleast find out. Eterninty is a very long time to spend in Hell.
The Nephilim are called human by groups I prefer not to mention. They in fact have very different head size, length, mass, volume and also have very different suture lines in the skeleton than humans. I suggest watching the L.A. Marzulli, Chuck Missler, Rob Skibba’s videos and “SEED” series. You can also listen to the radio version. They are coming through portals that have been opened. They are the so called “Aliens” which in fact, are the fallen angels, Nephilin and demons. Al governments are very, very aware and alsmost all with the exception of the U.S. have disclosed. There is a video now on youtube of disclosure. They removed it from Facebook but it is on here.


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